Genesis One Community Group

Genesis One

Community Group

The Chandlers and the Wintles lead a community group. They've called the group Genesis One, simply because we'd like to think that God is bringing about order out of chaos!

From the outset, besides have the Word of God at the heart of our group, we wanted hospitality and food to be a recurrent theme when we gather together, that with the intent of including the children.  Food and children (which we have quite a few of) means that when we meet it tends to be late afternoon/early evening.  This doesn’t necessarily work out all the time, and we’ll always look to do what is best for the majority of group.  Life is busy, but have managed to build a life size ark of the covenant together, started to work our way through the “New City Catechism” (giving out prizes to those who remember the previous one!), we have managed to have some male only and female only social events and we have supported Graham Hearn  a “frontline” contact from men’s Friday night football when those who were able went to watch him perform in an amateur dramatics play………
Yet the business of life is always a threat to our being and expressing a Christian community and this is something that we need to work on, not that it is work, but something to weigh our priorities in life against.  Going forward, we want Community, Discipleship and Mission to be increasingly meaningful and expressed within the group, as we listen to God from his Word and obey it.