Mega Makers Holiday Club

Mega Makers Holiday Club

After weeks of preparation Mega Makers holiday club was a success! Over the half term holiday, Abbey Church put on a holiday club for the primary school ages. Boffin and Brainwave were two characters that hosted the club, each day doing silly things to get the children involved and have a good laugh. The club had a theme of “Mega Makers,” which was all about how God’s love is high, long, wide, and deep. This comes from the week’s theme verse,

I pray that you, together with all God’s people, may have the power to understand how broad and long, how high and deep, is Christ’s love. Yes, may you come to know his love — although it can never be fully known — and so be completely filled with the very fullness of God.”

Ephesians 3: 17-19

Every day children participated in a bible story, games, and crafts. There was also a drama performed every day by some of the leaders of holiday club. On Wednesday the story was about Matthew the tax collector. We learned about how Matthew really was a “bad guy” and he was definitely not popular among the Jewish people, but Jesus chose him anyway. This story focused on a theme of “wider and wider is the invitation to follow Jesus”. We talked about how God’s love is so wide that He came for everyone. Then we participated in a game outside that was similar to capture the flag, but with cardboard boxes that were made into machines that fit the theme. The craft on Wednesday was baking scones. Each child got to make their own scone to eat later, and the idea was that they could see how the scone got bigger once it was baked.

On Thursday the children heard the story about Jesus being asleep in the boat while his disciples were enduring a terrible storm at sea. When Jesus woke up and then calmed the storm we looked at how the disciples did not have complete faith, but Jesus calmed the storm anyway. The theme for Thursday was, “deeper and deeper is our trust in Jesus.” The children got to play with the giant parachute, and they played a fishing game where they had to pick up bits of a machines that had supposedly fallen apart. The craft was making an origami boat that they got to colour and decorate.


On Friday, the final day of holiday club, the children heard about the cross and the resurrection. The theme was, “greater and greater is the love of Jesus for us.” The children learned about how great God’s love for us is that He died on the cross for us. They also learned about the resurrection, that Jesus came back for us and is alive forever and ever! The children were told that if we accept Jesus’ invitation to follow Him, then we can be His friend forever and ever! Children got to play a game where they attached balloons to a string and let it go so that it zipped across to the other end of a string. Their craft was a window ornament that said “Deeper and Deeper is God’s love.”

The children loved watching the drama at the end of every day. They got to participate by shouting and cheering to interact with the actors. The drama was a story about an inventor, Professor Eve Ventor, and her machine that her new apprentice, Dr. Upton O’Good, tampered with. Another one of the inventor’s inventions, ROBOT, gave herself up by becoming part of the machine so that the machine could work again. In the end everyone wanted to tell others about what ROBOT had sacrificed for them. The story was a great way to tell the story of Jesus’ sacrifice through a fun drama.


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