Nativity on a Lorry

Nativity on a Lorry

N – nativity 

O – on 

A – a 

L – lorry

Over two nights mid-December, one snowy, one just wet, a team of 20 intrepid individuals from both Abbey Church and Christchurch ventured out on foot and on the back of a lorry to share out sweets and invite people to our Christmas services.

On the back of a lorry?!

Yes, with Christmas tunes playing and an appropriately dressed nativity cast assembled on the lorry we went round the Abbeydale area on Tuesday and Abbeymead on Wednesday, knocking on doors, greeting people, handing out sweets and invitations to all who we met.  It was great to see the number of people who opened their doors and even came out onto the pavements to wave or talk to us.

It was a great time and despite the wet and icy conditions there were no accidents or mishaps along the way – even the troublesome generator behaved itself eventually!

Thank you to all who came and helped organise the logistics for the two evenings.

Abbey Church Christmas services will take place at Heron School:

Sunday 24th December 10.30am Christmas Celebration, with help from the children and young people.  All welcome

Christmas Day 10.30am  Christmas morning celebration: a short time singing carols and thanking God for Jesus.  All welcome.







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