Our life together

There’s nothing quite like it when two or more come together (the Bible tells us that God’s present with us when that happens – Matt 18:20).  Being one together in heart and community is part and parcel of God’s plan to create a people for himself.  Living in a world in which could so easily occupy ourselves with ourselves 24/7, we want to work at fulling God’s purpose for us as a people.

We encourage and foster ways in which we can come together, involving all generations, or people of similar interests or life stages.  Our ‘staple diet’ of being together happens on Sunday mornings and in our Community Groups which generally meet mid-week. That said, our life together isn’t always scheduled!  Here at Abbey, incidental meet-ups happen often, as friendships and love for one another comes out of our shared faith in Jesus.

Please take a little time to find out a little more about what how we share our life together.