Community groups

A key outworking of our Christian life at Abbey is through our small groups which we call Community Groups. Based upon the three main principles of Community, Discipleship and Mission (CDM), these groups aim to grow into a life together that fosters a deepening love for Jesus and for others, and in doing so glorifying Him. It is for this reason that we ask all those who want to be recognised as part of Abbey, to affirm the central role of Community Groups (CGs) by a commitment to participate and contribute to them.  However, if you are new or just want to experience life at Abbey then get stuck in and come along, you’ll be warmly received!

Community Group #1Our groups come in all shapes and sizes, with each CG encouraged to work out how to live out CDM in their particular group. We recognise that CGs will always be a work in progress and not everything is perfect and plain sailing but yet we want to know (and practise) love, patience and kindness towards one another.

Community Groups are a main way in which pastoral care and fellowship are lived out at Abbey.  And so the groups and the leaders are encouraged to consider one another beyond the specific times that they meet up, which usually (but not always) happen Wednesday evening or during the daytime during the week.

When the groups do meet there are again different things that happen.  It may involve Bible study, eating a meal together, engaging collectively with the neighbours, praying, or just unwinding and enjoying each other’s company etc etc.