Committed to Abbey Church

What does it mean to be committed to Abbey Church?

We believe that the Bible clearly teaches that every believer should be baptised and be part of the life and ministry of a local church. This is necessary for our health and growth as individuals and together. While we have no formal membership we want those that join Abbey Church to be clear in what is expected and in their commitment.

What follows is a summary of those expectations which we would be delighted to discuss with you with reference to what the Bible teaches. We have included some footnotes with Bible references for you to look at and we would be happy to discuss these and others with you.

If you agree with what it means ‘to belong, be involved and be committed to Abbey Church’ we would want to acknowledge that simply and openly. We would probably ask you to state your commitment as part of our morning service and we would then on behalf of the church pray for and welcome you.

How can I keep these commitments?

In making these commitments to one another, we do so recognising that it is only the Holy Spirit who can produce his life in us and enable us to fulfil those promises. As we believe we are seeking to do what he wants then we can trust him to enable these things to become a reality. The life of faith is a journey, one in which God by his Holy Spirit is with us every day, and which we are meant to walk together. Our intention is that Abbey Church be a community of God’s people who are doing that. We pray that you will join us on this journey.